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Who we are

Lee Bross is fast growing company based on HCMC the biggest city in Vietnam focus on trading pharmaceutical products and medical equipments.

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We are Doctors and Pharmacists who have deep knowledge about healthcare systems and treatments adapting with marketing skills to serve clients and manufacturers.

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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate 500x500
We have Antivirus, Cardiovascular, Antidiabetics and Oncology API…

Lee Bross is agent in Vietnam for Hubei Biocause Heilen: Ibuprofen, Dexibuprofen


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Customer is the core of everythings

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Pharma In Vietnam

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Vietnam Economy is 1 of the fastest growing market in the world. There are more than 200 manufacturers in Vietnam with total pharmaceutical market value is 5B USD.

LeeBbross has connections to all manufacturers in Vietnam with good service along with high quality products.

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Liên hệ Leebross

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